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Foil Balloon Bouquets

Foil balloons last a lot longer than the usual latex balloon, standard float time is 5-7 days but if cared for correctly they can often last for many weeks.  The colour options are more limited than latex but the design possibilities are still limitless.  The extended life span of these balloons allows us to vinyl print onto it's surface, changing the balloons appearance completely.  Special messages, themes or just names can make these bouquets the perfect personalised touch to any birthday or special occasion. 


Available in stars, hearts and circles and in two different sizes, small (18") and large (36").  The below bouquets are all combinations of 18" foils.  The smallest bouquet starts at 3 balloons and can be made as BIG as you like, usually not exceeding one dozen, as seen in our romantic one dozen hearts. 

3 Foil Balloon Bouquet          

5 Foil Balloon Bouquet          

7 Foil Balloon Bouquet          

12 Foil Balloon Bouquet        

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